Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 14: Purposes


Purposes are your ultimate Goals. Don't be frightened by the world, Ultimate. This is just the fundamental reason of what you want. This is also where all your meaningful goals leading to.

If you are clear about your purposes, you can then set your meaningful goals, which keep you on track toward your purposes. You will not waste a single bit of time and effort in wanting and doing something that doesn't match your purposes. It also guides your decisions. Purposes give you meanings to your work and your life!

In turn, your purposes point to your Dreams.

When you really love doing something, and when you find something really meaningful, ask yourself what does that leading you to. That's your Purpose. You can have different purposes in different areas of your life.

Explore your Purposes. When you Exceed them, you reach your Dreams and you then really Excel.

Explore, Exceed & Excel