Thursday, December 20, 2007

Personal Development: Goals 2008


Only several days left before we go into a new year, 2008!

Have you already designed your goals for 2008? Goals are really optional. You can live a good, successful life without any goals. But it can be a good option, especially if you are not 100% happy with now.

I am finalizing my goals for 2008. To share, here are some of my ideas of Goals 2008:

1. Complete the outline of my grand program of 2009.
2. Gain 1,000 more subscribers of the Excel Your Life Newsletter.
3. Explore 2 places in the world that I have never been before.
4. More time with my family, especially my dad and mom.
5. 200 more articles for the Ideas & Thoughts of Keith To.
6. One new book!
7. and more to come...

BTW, this message is my 389th message in this blog. I am making a new goal today to make it to 400 by the end of 2007!

Design your Goals 2008 and have a great year(s) ahead!

Explore, Exceed & Excel