Thursday, December 06, 2007

Customer Service: Check Your Side Before Blaming Your Customers


Today, I encountered another bad customer service experience.

I want to buy something over the Internet. But their system declined my credit card for 10 times! I used both of my 2 credit cards but unsuccessful. So I emailed the seller and request them to check and help.

They replied. But they are not trying to solve my problem. They ask me to check my own credit status because their system declined my credit cards and they attached their report as proof!

I checked my bank immediately and my credit cards are in perfect condition. (I am a person of credibility!) The banks had even approved all those 10 transactions. So the problem is not on my side.

Nowadays, many sellers seem to enjoy blaming their customers but not to check whether the sources of the problems are on their own side.

This will just turn away your customers!

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