Saturday, November 24, 2007

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Tips to Facilitate Creativity from Groups


You need and want to have creativity from your team because you can't expect new ideas just from yourself. Collective intelligence is much better than a single mind.

1. Focus on Possibilities. Never focus on your problems and barriers. They are important but they won't lead you to any new ideas.

2. Encourage, not Push. People opens their mind when they feel secure and safe. Don't push.

3. Appreciate Others' Contributions. No matter how useless the idea is, appreciate others' effort in producing it and voicing it out. This motivates others to create more!

4. Suspend your Judgments. All good ideas at their initial stage will not look great. Some are insane and some are impractical. It is our job to make them sensible and practical afterward.

5. Make it Fun for Everybody! Don't be too serious. An environment with fun encourages people to create more.

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