Thursday, November 29, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 13: Goal


There are 3 kinds of "Wants", i.e. Goals, Purposes and Dreams.

All 3 are essential as Success is defined as getting what you want. If you don't know what you want, success will never come, no matter how eager and hardworking you are!

Let's start with Goal.

Many people know about SMART Goals. SMART Goals are Specific (i.e. What), Measurable (i.e. What), Achievable (i.e. How), Realistic (i.e. How) and Timed (i.e. When).

But there is no Non-SMART Goal! If it is a goal, it must be SMART, or it is a Purpose or a Dream. If you do not know the "What", "How" and "When" of what you want, how can it be a goal?

It is very OK to dream. But one must then work it into Purpose and then Goals in order to actualize your Dreams.

Dreams can be of any time-frame. It can be as short-termed as an hour, mid-termed as months or years, or as long-termed as decades. But in today's ever-changing world, long-termed goals can be quite meaningless.

Dreams are your destinations while Goals are your landmarks to your Dreams.

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