Sunday, November 04, 2007

Systemic Typology: Concepts Behind Fate Reengineering Workshop


I don't like to transfer just skills and techniques in my programs. There are always underlying concepts behind all of my seminars and workshops.

I am going to present the concepts behind all my programs. Starting with the one I did recently...

Fate Reengineering Workshop is the Level 1 of my Systemic Personality Typology Series. This is a systemic approach of changing our own fate by means of being aware of our personality:

1. Personality is the collection of many faces of our ego. They are interactive. We seldom can see most of these faces. We need tools.

2. Personality Typologies are the tools. Each guides us to see our personality from a different perspective.

3.  There is no good or bad personality.Your quality of life depends on how you cope with your super-systems, like your environment, your family, your social groups, etc.

4. Being aware of our personality and then adjusting and adapting with the bigger super-systems around us is an Intentional Process. We need to make a conscious decision to do so.

5. Awareness, Reality Check and Acceptance are the basis of effective adjustment and adaptation.

6. Adjustment and adaptation starts with stop manipulating others and ourselves.

7. People with Effective Personality (remember: no good or bad personality!) can grasp the Rising Opportunities and avoid the Falling Traps. Thus we can go up in our Fate Cycles.

8. People with Ineffective Personality can easily be affected by the Falling Traps to go down their Fate Cycles.

9. Effectiveness is about adaptability. Is your personality producing behaviours that create desirable results in your environment?
10. It is all about development. You are still you, but you can be bigger and better.

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