Saturday, November 24, 2007

NLP: The Most Important Concept and Skill of NLP


According to myself, the most important concept and skill must be Meta-Model. This is the very first model of NLP and it is also the very core of NLP!

If there were no Meta-Model, NLP did not exist at all!

Meta-Model is used to uncover the Deeper Structure of thinking beneath the Surface Structure of Communication. This helps to identify any misunderstanding in thinking and communication.

The Surface Structure is the content of our thinking and communication after being filtered by our values, beliefs and rules. Not much is left behind. However, these simplified information of the Surface Structure making thinking and communication simper, easier and possible. We just can't think and talk in every single details. This will overload our and others' minds!

The value of Meta-Model is NOT its application in clarifying misunderstandings. Unless you are a detective or a therapist, we seldom use Meta-Model with ourselves and others. It breaks rapport instantly and seriously. Surface Structure is our "normal" communication while Deep Structure is totally abnormal!

Then why is Meta-Model so important?

In order to use Meta-Model effectively, one must be at his/her Meta-Position (i.e. perceiving and thinking above and beyond). When we are in our Meta-Position, we can see more and think clearly. We are outside the "Matrix" of our thinking and environmental influences!

Practicing Meta-Model trains us being able to "go meta" under even the most stressful and confused situation, when a clear mind is most desirable and essential. "Going Meta" is just an impossible skill without practice. The best practice is to practice Meta-Model.

The very basic qualification of a NLP Trainer is not his/her certificate(s). It is too easy to get one nowadays. The basic requirement are the ability to "Think on his/her Feet" and to remain calm and humorous under any situation in class. (Why humorous? One can only be humorous when one can see something different from "normal". You cannot "prepare" and "practice" your "humor" beforehand. Genuine humor is simultaneous and instant.)

Only when one is in the Meta-Position, one has all the above abilities.

The major outcome of learning NLP is NOT to be more persuasive or being excellent. These are the secondary gains only. We learn NLP to make our Inside World nearer to the Outside World, i.e. perceiving, thinking, acting more realistically.

Only when one is in the Meta-Position, one can perceive, think and act more realistically.

Practice your Meta-Model!

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