Monday, November 05, 2007

Facilitation: 12 Principles of Process Facilitation (plus Principle 1: Preparation)


Facilitation is making the process easier and faster.

To make learning facilitation and doing facilitation easier and faster, I designed the 12 Principles of Process Facilitation.

You an apply facilitation in any process in your organization, no matter it is a meeting, or a brainstorming, conflicts resolution, idea-generation or decision-making session.

I will discuss very briefly (to make it easier and faster!) each of the 12 Principles here and in subsequent articles. Here comes the first principle, Preparation: Creating Base of Successful Facilitation.

Facilitation needs a concrete base to start. Preparation is the key. Preparation happens before the sessions. The most important part is Contracting.

Contracting is not signing of the agreement. It is about both the Facilitator and the Client knowing "what" are going to and need to be happened.

Apart from the "what", ensure both parties understand the "where", "when", "who" and some "how" in order to accomplish the "why" of the process.

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