Monday, August 13, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 6: Points of Choices


Many people say that they do not have choices. 2 reasons:

1. They can't see their choices. The causes can be very complex. They might have blindspots. They might have too few points of views (i.e. positions, angles, frames...). They might have rigid beliefs. I will talk about them later.

2. They have not "see" their choices. They just thought, believed and decided that they do not have choices. We can't see any choice if we do not intentionally find them!

Everything starts with our Beliefs. Then we go through our Thinking>Feeling>Acting Process. Our beliefs are products of our Past Experiences. They are so difficult to identify and change. However, every point of your Thinking>Feeling>Acting Process can be a Point of Choices. Stop, check and you will find your other choices!

Once you find and adopt a new choices of thinking, feeling or acting, you are going to have New Experiences of thinking, feeling, acting and results. These New Experiences can then update your existing beliefs.

Simply by choosing a new choice, you can get new results and an update of your beliefs.

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