Monday, August 06, 2007

Hypnosis: How Can You Tell It is the ISE?


When we are doing Inner or Age Regression, the most important factor governing its success or failure is whether the client is regressed back to his/her ISE, the Initial Sensitizing Event, i.e. the very first of his/her past experiences which lead to the problem.

How can we tell it is the ISE or not?

We have a lot of verification procedures to check. But even we check, we still cannot 100% ensure that it is the ISE!

However, all ISEs have a common characteristics. It must be related to a Primary Emotion. It can be Fear, Anger, Sadness and/or Disgust. When we could not handle the ISE at the time of happening, the emotion could then be further complicated with Subsequent Sensitizing Events (SSE) appearing. As a result, Secondary Emotions like boredom, annoyance, grief, remorse, jealousy are thus evolved.

The more serious and persisting problems usually have an ISE of Fear or Anger. Fear and Anger are the 2 emotions directly related to survival. This makes the problem so long-lasting. It is our basic instinct to survive. A persisting problem can be seen as a misunderstanding of threats to survival!

When you regress someone to ISE, check whether the emotion is primary or secondary. This saves the therapist's and the client's time and effort.

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