Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hypnosis: Leading Suggestions for the Process


Do we use Leading Suggestions in hypnotherapy?

Many of you knows that I strongly disagree with the use of Leading Suggestions. This can mislead the clients, causing false memories and confusions. This harms more than helps!

However, if we do not use any leading suggestions, we simply cannot hypnotize anybody. Induction, deepening and all other hypnotic techniques are done through leading suggestions. For example, when you say, "As you close your eyes, you feel more relaxed", this statement is a leading suggestion.

We use lots of leading suggestions in the Process to guide our clients going through it, while we should not use any leading suggestion for the Content within the Hypnotic Process. For example, we will not suggest clients reviewing any particular experience or seeing any particular person during Age Regression. These are leading suggestions for the content.

But we will guide our clients using leading suggestion to the first time of having such feeling in Age Regression. This is the Process of Age Regression, not the Content.

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