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Keith To's Programs - 2008 Schedule (Updated: Dec 10 2008)


Updated: Jan 5 2009

The following is the schedule for my training programs in 2008. This year, there are 9 new programs and 6 updated and relaunched programs. An exciting year!

1. New: Super Speed Reading 超級超速閱讀術: 兩小時內提升閱讀速度50%! 不成功,原銀奉還!一套肯定令你學懂的速讀系統,閱讀變成樂趣,吸收大量資訊也變得隨心所欲。

Unlike many other speed reading programs in the market, this one is super! You only spend 2 hours with me and you are guaranteed an at least 50% increase in your reading speed! Guaranteed!

The world is changing so fast and you will be lagged behind if you can't keep the pace in absorbing the new information out there. Just 2 hours and you change your life. You become a sponge-like super absorber of information and knowledge!

Date: Nov 27 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Status: Fully booked. Over 120 attended and learned how to speed read at their best!!!

2. New: SUPERMANager 超級經理: 8小時內掌握CEO必須學懂的、絕少聽聞的營銷及創新能力。很可能只辦一屆,猶疑就會痛失機會! 已是CEO或是想成為CEO的朋友必備技能!


In just 8 hours, you learn everything needed to be a great manager. Forget about the MBA, you don't need 2 years. Just 8 hours!

According to Peter Drucker (Don't tell me you do not know who is Peter Drucker?!), the only tasks of a CEO is to market and to innovate! All others can be delegated. To be a SUPERMANager, you are going to learn the seldom (or even never) heard of, but incredibly powerful methodology to market and to innovate. I had never disclosed in any of my programs and I will not do so in the future.

All new stuff! You can't find them elsewhere! Every skill you learn is gold!

This is the Level 3 Secret of Management for the 21st Century!

Fee: Extremely Expensive at HK$10,800! (Very special discount to graduates of Level 3 Secrets Seminar. How special is the discount? Email me at and I will tell you!)

Date: March 7 2009 (New Date!)
Time: 2:30pm-11:30pm
Organizer: The Excel Centre (Not St. James)
Registration: Email me at HK$8,800 only if you register before end of December! Price will 100% go up after Jan 31 2009!

3. New: Certified Coach Program 國際認證專業教練: 100小時深入剖析更高層的教練技術,你的最佳進階教練訓練;她是你的進階教練培訓,也是你的進階思維培訓!

A new 100-hours internationally recognized program. Very in-depth! Very comprehensive!

This first class only available to our past graduates of RCC, RCaC or RPC Programs. You can upgrade to this new designation by enrolling the second part of the program, and of course at a great discount! My discount will never disappoint you.

This program is much more than "openings" (if you know what they are!). It is about my model of Systemic Coaching.

This program is at graduate diploma level and so expect serious learning. Apart from the face-to-face lecture hours, you need to complete another 500 self-learning hours in order to graduate.

Pre-requisite: Registered Corporate Coach, Registered Personal Coach, or Registered Career Coach + Coaching Exellence.

Confirmed Dates: July 17, 31, Aug 14, 28, Sep 11, Oct 9, 30, Nov 27, Dec 11, 18 2009, Jan 8, 22, 2010
Tentative Dates: Feb 12, 26, Mar 12, 26, Apr 16, 30, May 14, 28 2010

4. New: Mindformation 心智速化學: 8小時免費課程!如何令自己思維更精靈!
This is a new 8-hours Free Personal Development Program for 2008! A transformation program for your mind. Instantly effective! I used it myself. You learn and you enhance your mental power, all at the same time!

Part 1: Jun 4, 11 2008
Part 2: Aug 6, 13 2008

Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

5. Updated & Relaunch: Unlimited Failures Program 無限失敗學: I am not able to teach you how to be more successful, but I can share with you some bits and pieces of Failing Less! This is a program of Successful Failures! No one can escape failures, but we can fail smart!

Learning how to fail smart before one can learn how to succeed!

Date: Feb 20 - Mar 26 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Remark: Last time when I did this was 5 years ago. Next time? Might be another 5 years!

Status: Program Completed. >70 enrolled!

6. New: Business 1.1 商業1.1: 8小時免費課程!營商思維:小改善,大改進!
My new Free Business Development Program in 2008. You learn how to get Instant Upgrades continuously for your business! Not Business 2.0. You don't want drastic changes but dramatic effects!

Date: July 15 - Aug 5 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong Productivity Council
Registration: Call 2788-5026 Ms. Karen Li of HKPC

7. Updated & Relaunch: Dream Yoga 夢境工程: 本人的經典解夢課程,每三年才舉辦一次,你會學懂的是四套解夢系統! (五套才真!)
This is my classic Dream Interpretation Program. I launched this program more than 8 years ago and I only conduct this once every 3 years. You can learn my old classics, plus new added secrets in dream interpretation!

Date: Sept 17, 24, Oct 8, 22, 25 2008 (Revised Dates)
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm for weekdays, 2:30pm-8:30pm for Sat (Oct 25) (Total: 14 hours)
Organizer: The
Excel Centre (Not St. James)
How to Enrol: Email me at to reserve your seat.

FULL! >120 registered! Sadly to turn down over 20 applicants!

7.5 New: Dream Yoga Level 2 - The Advanced Course: 如果你已經修畢夢境工程 Level 1,你希望更進一步提升自己對夢世界的掌握嗎?夢境工程推出九年以來,首次舉辦進階課程-夢境工程Level 2高階課程

如果你想進一步提升自己的解夢技術水平,如果你想學懂以夢來作為自我完善之途,如果你想通過學夢,來瞭解容格極為深奧的自我成長理論,夢境工程Level 2高階課程,就是為你而設的!

Date: Nov 20, Dec 4 2008, Jan 8, 22 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

8. New: Professional Handwriting Analysis Program 專業筆跡分析學課程: It is composed of our Foundation Course (12 hours) plus our New Advanced Course (12 Hours). Nobody in Hong Kong will teach you so much about handwriting analysis. Just ask our graduates of the 2005 Basic Course for how much they learned.

Foundation Course: Apr 2, 9, 16, 23, May 7, 14 2008
Advanced Course: Jun 6-27, Jul 18, 25 2008

Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm (Totally 24 hours)

Foundation Course Started! 70 Enrolled!

Level 2 Course: Course Started! Full!

9. Systemic Thinking Course 系統式思維學: I promised to do it again in 2007 but I just do not have the time available. I will do this in 2008. You will learn how to think systemically. It is not systematic thinking or systems thinking. It is more than these.

Date: Apr 8 - 29 2008
Time: 7:15pm-9:45pm

Status: Program Started! 55 Enrolled!

10. Systemic Personality Typology Level 2: You must be our graduates of the Level 1 Program (Fate Reengineering Workshop). You will go much deeper into MBTI and Enneagram, 2 more exciting and accurate Typologies, 1 very systemic methodology to fully understand people's personality. BTW, you are going to use all the above to go nearer to your Self-Realization and Individuation!

Date: TBA
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

11. NLP Master Practitioner: Our only-once-2-years Master Program. Very intensive, extensive and in-depth information!

You are going to master both NLP and yourself in this very advanced program. I can assure you that this program is much more advanced than most Master NLP Practitioner Program and NLP Trainer Program. Be prepared to learn something difficult, but very useful.

This is a Master Thinker's Class!

Date: April 19-20, Jun 14-15, Aug 2-3, Nov 29-30, Dec 20-21 2008, Feb 14-15, Mar 21-22, Apr 25-26 2009, PLUS Tutorial Evenings on Sep 5, Oct 10, Nov 14 2008

Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm for weekdays, 2:30pm-7:30pm for Sat, 12pm-7pm for Sun.

Status: Master Class Started!
Open for
Enrollment for individual modules Now!

12. Our Core Program: NLP Practitioner: Our flagship program since 1998! Many graduates said that they learned even more from our Practitioner Program than others' Practitioner + Master Practitioner + NLP Trainer Courses, all together!!!

Personal Development Stream
: (Personal Thinker's Course)
M1: Foundation Skills & Concepts: Apr 25, 26-27, 30 2008
M2: Behaviour Enhancement: May 16, 17-18 2008
M3P: Basic Hypnosis: Jun 21-22, 25, Jul 19-20, 23 2008
M4P: Mind-Body Therapy: Aug 9-10, 15 2008
M5P: Advanced Language Patterns: Oct 11-12, 15 2008
M6: Mindset Breakthrough: Dec 6-7, 10 2008
M7: Strategy of Excellence: Jan 10-11, 14 2009
M8: Integration & Certification: Feb 28, Mar 1 2009

Business Development Stream: (Business Thinker's Course)
M1: Foundation Skills & Concepts: Apr 25, 26-27, 30 2008
M2: Behaviour Enhancement: May 16, 17-18 2008
M3B: NLP Business Excellence: Jul 26-27, 30 2008
M4B: Hypno-Communication: Sep 6-7, 10 2008
M5B: Neuro-Linguistic Coaching: Nov 15-16, 19 2008
M6: Mindset Breakthrough: Dec 6-7, 10 2008
M7: Strategy of Excellence: Jan 10-11, 14 2009
M8: Integration & Certification: Feb 28, Mar 1 2009

Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm for weekdays, 2:30pm-7:30pm for Sat, 12pm-7pm for Sun.

Status: Open for
Enrollment for individual modules Now! Call 2835-4394 Richard Fung for more details.

13. NEW: 潛意識重整工程 Level 2: Master of Subconscious Reengineering: Newly designed and newly added program! Mightbe only done once and never again.

You are going to learn at much greater depth of those Subconscious Projection Tools we used in the
Subconscious Reengineering Program, plus 5 more additional skills to explore more on what's inside your subconscious.

It is going to be a small class, as I only intended to use my own office as classroom! So, everyone gets more chances to ask questions and to be analyzed by me.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded our Certificate of Subconscious Projection Analysis.

Date: May 8, 15, June 5, 12, 19, 26 2008 (6 Thursdays)
Time: 7:15pm-9:45pm
Prerequisite for Enrollment: Must be graduates of our Subconscious Reengineering Programs.
Organizer: The Excel Centre

Status: FULL!

14. NLP Essentials (Free 10-Hours NLP Training): You are going to learn all the essentials of NLP that you can't find elsewhere!

You must enroll early! In the past 3 years, we conducted 2 courses each year, each 500 people, all FULL!

Date: Mar 10, 17, 31, Apr 7, 14 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Status: FULL!!! >1,000 Enrolled!

15. Coaching Excellence 專業教練學基礎證書課程: 以發問來讓人自行思想,而非強行灌輸的技術;真正的助人自助,授人以漁,而非授人以魚!
The very best and intensive professional coaching course you can ever find. Over 600 graduates in the past 6 years!

Date: May 6, 13, Jun 3, 10, 17, 24 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Status: Program started. Over 70 enrolled!

16. Registered Career Coach 事業發展教練: 同時學會高級的教練技術及事業發展策略,工作的朋友,那個不需要事業發展?
Want to advance your career? Want to also help others in their career and personal development? Learn to be a Career Coach!
Date: Postponed till 2009!!!
Time: 7:00pm-9:45pm

17. Our Flagship Program: Certified Hypnotherapist: 超越表面的催眠治療訓練!你會學懂十多個不同的催眠技術;更重要的是,你更會學懂一套系統來決定什麼情況,運用什麼技術,來達致最佳效果!
Professional course leading to certification by 4 different international hypnotherapy organizations.

Self Hypnosis: June 21, 25 2008
Basic Hypnosis: June 22, July 19-20, 23 2008
Transformational Hypnotherapy: Aug 30-31, Sep 3 2008
Holistic Hypnotherapy: Oct 18-20 2008 (Fri-Sun) (Revised Dates)
SOBER Therapy: Jan 17-18, 21 2009
Advanced SOBER Therapy: Mar 14-15, 18 2009
Integration: Apr 18-19 2009

Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm for weekdays, 2:30pm-8:30pm for Sat, 12pm-7pm for Sun.

Status: Full! >100 Registered!

18. Registered Corporate Coach 註冊企業教練: 世界企業教練協會在大中華地區唯一認可的課程。
Learning professional business coaching and earning the international designation of RCC of the
Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC). WABC is the only truly international association for business coaches. She has members around the world!

Date: Aug 12 - Sept 30 2008 (8 evenings), Sept 20-21, 27-28 2008 (2 weekends) (Revised Dates)
Time: 7:15pm-9:45pm for weekdays, 2:30pm-7:30pm for Sat, 12pm-7pm for Sun.

19. Associate Facilitator Designation Program 協和輔引師證書課程: 助人或機構更快更易的完成任務,達成目標,順道取得協和輔引師資格
Gain your designation of Associate Facilitator (AF) from the world well-known FacilitatorU with us! You are going to learn the 12 Principles of Process Facilitation and 120 Skills of Facilitation.

Date: Dec 9 2008, Jan 6, 13, 20, Feb 10, 17, 24, Mar 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 2009 (Revised Revised Dates)
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Status: Program started.

20. WABC Roundtable Meetings: Free programs for you to learn business coaching! In these 2 free sessions, we are going to talk about how to coach for changes in corporations or organizations.
Date: Jun 18, Jul 16 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Status: Both Full, each with >350 Participants!
See you next year!

21. New: End of the Year Special Seminar: Free heavy-weight seminar for my friends who have supported me in the past, present and future. This replaces my Annual Prediction Seminar in the past years. Even more exciting information to be shared!

Date: Postponed. Date TBA
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

22. Think-Tank 2008: Free gathering of creative and not-so-creative people to use their brains together to create as many ideas as possible. Our record is 7,516 ideas in 55 minutes! Want to break the record again this year with us?

Date: Oct 14 2008
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Status: Program Completed! 8,107 ideas generated by classmates!!!

23. New: The Perfect Business: 2節的集體教練過程,讓自己找到心中理想生意/事業的模式,及開展的第一步。
How to attain your dreamed business or career? I will make you showing yourself how! Free for
WABC members! Special fee for graduates of my major programs. BTW, also Free for graduates of the Level 3 Secrets Seminar.

Date: Oct 17 & 24 2008 (Revised Dates)
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

24. Updated & Relaunch: Mind-Tech 1, 2 & 3: I haven't done this for over 4 years. I always want to re-do it but, you know, it is a matter of time availability.

Mind-Tech 1 is the Scientific Meditation Workshop. You are going to learn how to meditate in 4 hours. No religious background. I meditate with this for 5 minutes everyday and this gives me a clear and sharp mind.

Mind-Tech 2 is the Alpha Programming Workshop. You learn how to program your own mind at the Alpha State in a easy and fun way. Another 4 hours give you a collection of mental skills that benefit you your whole life.

New: Mind-Tech 3 is my 100% new program. It is the Advanced Alpha Programming Workshop. Much more advanced Alpha Techniques are introduced in this new program. I will do this with my Personal Retreat 2009.

Mind-Tech 1: Nov 11 & 18, 2008; Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm (Revised Dates)
Mind-Tech 2: Dec 2 & 23, 2008; Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm (Revised Dates)
Mind-Tech 3: Feb 21 2009 (Saturday); Time: 2:30pm - 6:30pm (Revised Date)
Mind-Tech 4: Mar 9, 16 2009; Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Mind-Tech 5 is arranged in 2009!

Status: Mind-Tech 1 >120 Enrolled! Thanks for joining us!
Status: Mind-Tech 2 >80 Enrolled! Thanks for joining us!

25. Updated & Relaunch:
Subconscious Re-engineering 潛意識重整工程: My most tiring program ever. This is also one of my relaunched programs of my "10 Years as Trainer" promotion. I had done this for 5 times in the past and I stopped doing it because it is too exhausting for me.

You will learn to understand yourself much, much more through lots of Subconscious Projection activities. New stuffs are added.

Date: Feb 25, Mar 1-2 2008 (Revised Dates)
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm for weekday,
2:30pm-12:00am for Sat,
10am-6pm for Sun.
Remark: It is very possible that I will not do it again in the coming few years. Take it this time if you can.

Status: Completed, 64 people enrolled!

See you in the above new and exciting events!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Updated: Dec 10 2008