Saturday, August 11, 2007

Personal Development: Blind Spots in Supermarket


Today is a typhoon day. So, I went to a supermarket to buy some food for dinner.

The whole supermarket was filled up with people. There were well over 200 people queuing up in the "Fast Lane" (you can get faster check-out service if you buy less than 10 pieces of merchandises). When I took a look at the "normal" lanes, only around 10 customers per line.

I just asked myself why those people in "Fast Lane" didn't went to the normal ones. Because they all thought that it should be faster in the "Fast Lane"! This can be true during normal days but not today.

Of course I lined up in the "Slow" lane. Then one more cashier opened and several people in front of me went to that cashier. I just waited for less than 5 minutes! During a typhoon, everybody is so eager to go home. No one will buy a lot of stuff today. Even in the "Slow" lanes, people were buying a few pieces of items only.

This reminds me of my work as a coach. We help people to identify their blind spots in thinking. Why do people having blind spots? Things change under different situations but we are not aware of it!

Don't assume. Think before act. It saves time and effort!

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