Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hypnosis: Questions about Transformational Hypnotherapy


Some participants of our Certified Hypnotherapist Program emailed me questions. These are good questions and I like to share with you:

1. Do we need to explain Inner Guide in Pre-Talk before doing so?

Yes. This is a selling process. The concept of Inner Guide can make some people feeling strange. It looks very "Mew Age", though it is not. We discussed Jung's theory on Archetypes in the same module because we can use Jung's Archetypes Concept to explain to our clients about Inner Guides.

2. Do we need to use the 『下次更深入暗示』every time we hypnotize a client? When do we put this suggestion?

Yes. We do it every time. It take us less than 10 seconds to say such suggestion but it can make the process easier for both the client and the therapist in the next session. Why not?

When to put the suggestion? Just use logic. When is the best time to tell someone it will be easier and faster to get to somewhere?

I give you 4 choices:
a. When you just arrive somewhere. (i.e. when you just complete the deepening process)
b. When you have already arrived somewhere for some times. (i.e. in the middle of the process after deepening)
c. When you are going to leave that somewhere. (i.e. before awakening)
d. When you have never go there. (i.e. before deepening/induction)

Choose you choice and email me your selection at I will explain it further to you.

3. When I asked for name of the Inner Guide, he said that it was not necessary and he was always there. What can I do?

What is the aim to ask for the name? Easier to find the guide later! Then, ask him/her how the client can find him/her again in the future.

4. During Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, can we buy time by asking the client to repeat the positive messages or what he had learned by himself?

No. Why we repeat the suggestions? Because the clients are not having a very deep imprint of these newly learned beliefs inside their minds. We want to deepen the imprint by repeating.

If these beliefs are not deep, can the client repeat them by themselves? No. So, it is our job to repeat for the clients!

Hope you all get something from these Q & As.

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