Sunday, May 13, 2007

NLP: Useless NLP!


Many years ago when NLP is still new to Hong Kong, nobody claims NLP has magical power.

However in today, so many people are telling others about NLP's magical power in changing people. I have even heard someone saying just with a touch, he can make you fully filled with power by using NLP! (This makes me thinking of He-Man!) This is a problem.

Overstating the effectiveness might draw you more clients but it will hurt the goodwill of NLP. (Though NLP does not have much of it!)

Are NLP Skills Useful?

From my experience, many the so-called very effective NLP Skills can be quite useless with some people. Every skill has its limitation. It can be effective on someone does not guarantee its effectiveness on others. People are different. The classic Fast Phobia Cure and Swish Pattern of NLP can be useless with someone who are not very visual!

NLP is just one of the many choices you can use to help yourself or others. If it doesn't work, use something else!

Is the Effect of NLP Skills Long Term?

The effect might not be long term. Some NLP Skills are having long term effect while others having short term. It is not the former are better the latter. It is just because of their designs.

Skills affecting Filters (i.e. Belief, Value, Rule, Attitude) can be long term, and skills directing towards your Behaviours and Thoughts level can be just short term. But short term skills can be useful when you want an instant change of state.

For example, you are in a very bad mood, you dissociate and you get a short term relief. But if your Filters or your environment do not change, you can then easily swing back to the bad mood again. Another example: You are very angry and you are facing your naughty son. A simple Personal Editing Skill can make you into a temporary calmer state. Then you can talk with your son. These are just short term changes but they serves some purposes.

Effective is not Useful!

Even the NLP Skill is effective, it doesn't mean it is useful. For example, by using Logical Levels, you might be able to change some of your beliefs effectively. But the resulting beliefs can be even worse than the original ones.

Whether the change is smart or stupid depends on the quality of your information, knowledge and wisdom. A wise person, when using NLP can make wise changes and vice versa.

So, NLP is NOT an alternative to other forms of skills and knowledge. It is just a might-be-effective tool when use wisely. NLP can't make a person becoming master or guru. Wisdom can!

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