Sunday, May 13, 2007

NLP: Too Confident?!


In today NLP Practitioner Training, we are discussing whether someone can be too confident.

In NLP, we believe that if we have the Resource of Confidence, we are in a Confident State. But can we have too much of the Resource of Confidence and making us becoming too confident?

Many people believe so. When we are over-confident, we can then be in trouble. The same reasoning applies to many of the positive states, like too happy or too curious.

So we do our best to stop from being too confident, too happy and too curious! The result is either we just can't stop it or we become not confident, not happy and not curious at all.

Can we have too much the Resource of Confidence?


The problem of Over-Confidence is NOT because of we are having too much Confidence, but because of the lacking some other useful Resources, like Observation and Self-Control.

We can be very confident, without overdoing anything, if we can also observe the situation and be self-controlled.

This is an example of More is Less. More of some other useful resources, then less the negative outcomes!

Be flexible, it is not a must that More is More or Less is Less.

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