Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hypnosis: What is Hypnotherapy?


Many people asked me the above question. If you like to read, you can always go to Hypnosis is about Change for more details.

Here is my briefest introduction of my understanding of hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is NOT Psychotherapy. A hypnotherapist does NOT have the knowledge and skills to treat any psychological problems. A hypnotherapist is NOT a Medical Practitioner. A hypnotherapist does not know how to diagnose and treat physiological problems.

A responsible hypnotherapist only helps clients to improve themselves through adopting a better habit or behaviour.

A hypnotherapist put people in a very relaxed state. The process can be in form of relaxation and/or concentration. Then he/she can do 2 things to assist the clients to improve:

1. Tell to the clients what he/she wants to believe or act. For example, we can tell a dieting client to eat only 3 regular meals a day. Hypnotherapist call this Hypnotic Suggestion. When in this very relaxed state, people are less stubborn and are more willing to accept new ideas. This then makes Hypnotic Suggestions effective.

2. Ask clients non-leading questions to make the clients to think for solution of their problems. As mentioned above, people in this very relaxed state, they are less stubborn and are willing to search and consider new options.

So a hypnotherapist cannot do any miracle. The usefulness of hypnotherapy is also very limited. But if one's problem can be relieved through a new and better habit or behaviour, it might be useful.

Even under the above condition, hypnotherapy is not 100% effective. Some people can have really strong beliefs about his/her original behaviours. So, being a responsible hypnotherapist, we should advise his/her clients to seek other form of assistance when we find out that hypnotherapy is not effective to the clients.

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