Sunday, May 13, 2007

NLP: Negative Resources


Another interesting discussion in NLP Class today.

If positive resources like confidence, happiness, calmness can create the respective positive states, then is the Negative States being created by Negative Resources?

According to NLP, the answer is no.

Negative States are created by lacking of Resources. A Sad State is not created by Sadness Resource, but by lacking the Happiness Resource.

However, no one know whether this is right or wrong. We can't physically locate any resources, both positive or negative. This is just a presupposition.

If something is a presupposition, whether we should believe in it or not depends on its usefulness.

If a negative state is created by a negative resource, we then need to remove the resource. But how?

If a negative state is created by lacking a positive resource, we can go and find that positive resource. Getting something is easier than Getting Rid of something.

NLP has its own ways to get those positive resources, like anchoring. We can also get it using many not very "NLP" means, for example, when you want to be happier, do something happy or recalling some happy memories.

Getting is easier than Getting Rid of. Do not agree? Think about your fat and body weight! (or there will also be another big business of gaining weight!)

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