Monday, May 14, 2007

Business Development: Hong Kong is a Great Place to do Business


We are so lucky to live and work in Hong Kong.

It is a very, very great place to do business here. Just imagine, where on earth can you find a place where 7M people concentrating in such a small city?

Furthermore, most of these 7M people are having above average buying power!

With such a high concentration of great potential customers, marketing, selling, delivering, supporting are all super-easy!

Many people doing online business because they can only find such high concentration online. But we can do this physically!

But why are so many businesses failed? Do your observation and you will find the answers!

I am not that smart to discover how to run a successful business, but it is much easier to identify how a business fails.

3 Key Points!!!

What are these 3 Key Points? Guess first and I will discuss this in my next posting.

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