Friday, April 28, 2006

Winning & Losing


I just watched a TV documentary program. It is about the physiology of winning and losing of human beings.

We all have the instinct to win and to avoid losing. Our lower brain (the animal brain) produces different kinds of chemicals that make us feeling excited and happy when winning and make us feeling miserable and weak when losing.

We hate but remember our losing, all because of these chemicals. This enables human beings becoming so competitive. People withdraws from competitions because they remember too much the bad feelings of being losed. The original intention is to encourage us to learn and remember from our losings so that we can improve in the future.

This is quite "normal" and can be found in most of us. We can't do much, if we are just animals. But we are not.

Our upper brain, the human brain, which is extraordinarily well-developed in human, helps us to think how to win and how to learn from our failures.

But when during competitions and urgency, the chemicals in our lower brain suppress the normal activities of our upper brain. We stop thinking.

Solution: Think and Plan Ahead!

However, this is not our usual habit! If we do not really think and plan ahead, we are just like animals.

Think and Plan Ahead!