Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life Strategy, Simple?!


I just conducted my "Life Strategist" Free Seminar Series Part 1 earlier this week.

I intended to present a total of 200+ life strategies for you to select for exceling your own life.

Some people might think that those life strategies are so simple, each with just 2 simple words?

What do you expect? A thesis for each strategy!

By definition, a strategy must be simple. If it is complicated, it might be a tactic or just one of the methods.

A strategy is the approach to get what you want in the future. It provides just enough structure to induce your thinking for the suitable tactics and methods.

But it is just too simple and vague. Yes, not everybody gets used to the strategy level of thinking because it is "too" simple and vague. Many seek methods for their whole lives. But they lost sight of the bigger picture. They are so involved into the "doing" part. They are busy for their whole life but just can't get what they expected.

Slowly, people lower their expectation and explain that that is reality.

Strategy gives you the bigger picture to see what can be done to achieve what you want. It keeps you focusing on what's matter and what's important.

So, you can either get used to the rather simple and vague strategy or continue what you are doing in the past and get what you got in the past.

Wish you successful in your journey of startegies search!