Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is about Changes Part 4


This is Part 4 of my article series of "Hypnosis is about Changes".

To recap what we had discussed in the last 3 parts:

Source > Problems/Factors > Symptoms

Every Problem the client facing might have a Source, the initial origin. It can be some unpleasant past experience. The Problem can then produce various Symptoms.

In this Part 4, I am going to talk about the Factors Element.

The Factors are conditions that support the Problem. It can be internal or external. The more intense are the Factors, the more serious can the Problem be.

If we can't work on the Source due to whatever reasons, we can "attack" the Factors. We, hypnotherapists, can help our clients either by making our clients aware of the Factors so that they can do something about them, or by reducing the intensity of their internal factors, or by lowering their reactions to the external factors, or by cutting off the links between the Factors and the Problem.

Usually by doing so, we can reduce the seriousness of the Problem, or sometimes we can eliminate the Problem as the conditions (Factors) is not strong enough to support the Problem any more.

In our Part 5 of the series, we will discuss the Belief Element of the Problem.