Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Simple Way to Make Things Concrete


Being human, we can't handle abstract things. Our mind will freezes and we can't respond to it. So we are not very good at ideas and being creative.

Things become more and more abstract today as things change so fast. Anything during changes is abstract until the changes are completed. But when the changes are completed, things start to change again. This is a never-ending story happening again and again today.

So, people suffers.

There is a simple way to make abstract things concrete and solid, so that we can then deal with them.

Name it. Give it a name.

When you give it a name, it changes from nothing to something.

Don't be afraid to give things wrong names. Once you give it a name, you can start to work on it. Then you get more information about it. You can change its name whenever you like.

Name something when you do not know what it is!