Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Seeing" More is More Important than "Seeing" Accurately!


Seeing more is more important than seeing accurately!

It is difficult for us to decide whether what we perceived is accurate or not. The only way is to see "more". The "extras" we see can provide evidence to prove the accuracy of our original perceptions.

In the NLP Practitioner Program, I urge you to verify and reduce your "Filters" (i.e. Presuppositions: values, beliefs, rules, attitudes) and to extend your VAK Frames in order to see more.

In the Master NLP Practitioner Program, I encourage you to see more by recognizing your meta-programs, mental models and by seeing at the Meta-Level.

In Systemic Thinking Course, I motivate you to see more by seeing/thinking synthetically, multi-dimensionally, expansionally and in a multiple causes & effect manner.

I watched a TV program yesterday night. It is a sci-fiction. It is in the year of 200,000, the media is broadcasting news that they want the people to see. They even make up news so as to fool the people and stop them from thinking. The result is the intelligence level of the people dropped seriously.

It is not sci-fiction. It happens today. See more by yourself, not by someone else!