Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Master Hypnotherapist Retreat - Why Hypnosis Failed?


I had just completed the Master Hypnotherapist Retreat last weekend.

Due to some incidents in my life, I decided to teach all I really know about hypnosis in this retreat. I changed 95% of the course content as compared to last retreat.

I think that I had already done my best to teach everything I can teach. Hoping all those classmates who had come enjoyed and learned.

I myself did enjoyed the weekend very much. Keeping what I think is the most useful to myself with teaching them seems to be a burden to myself. Now, the burden is off my shoulders.

Let me summarised what you had learned in the retreat as the answers to the most important question that every serious hypnotherapist should asked themselves: Why Hypnosis Failed?

1. Not deep enough! Hypnotize your clients to ultra-depth.

2. Not Persuasive Enough! Keep all the 3 major frameworks of Suggestions in mind and do the hard work of practising until you can 語無倫次 out of nothing without thinking. Just remember my demo of "seducing" that old lady and young girl in that 砵仔糕 shop.

3. Not Seeing Enough! See more. See the whole system. This is the only part you need to "think". Remember, a hypnotherapist is an "Active Media". He thinks before interventing.

4. Emotions Block Discovery! Use Painless Therapies as much as possible!

Again, thanks all for your hardwork, participation, and supports.