Thursday, July 28, 2005

NLP: Self-Talk & Advanced Language Patterns


I have just completed the Advanced Language Patterns Module of the NLP Practititioner Training today. During the closing of the program, I suggested that we can make greater use of the Advanced Language Patterns in our self-talk.

We talk to ourselves all the time and it is very OK to talk to yourself. It is normal. It is good if you say something good to yourself. And It's bad if you tell yourself you are bad.

Take special care if you always say something good then follows by a "but" and then something bad. Your mind will be drawn to what had said after the "buts". For example, you tell yourself: I can do it but it is very hard to do so. You are telling yourself that it is very hard.

You can always replace the "but" with "and", i.e. I can do it and it is very hard to do so. You mind takes both statements. Or even better, you can replace the "but" with "even though", i.e. I can do it even though it is very hard to do so.

Don't you think that the last statement is much, much more encouraging to yourself?

Try this yourself. You can do it even though it is a bit odd when you start using it!

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