Saturday, July 23, 2005

Notebook of da Vinci


I had just presented a seminar on the Genius Principles of da Vinci a few days ago.

Many estimated the IQ of da Vinci is as high as 220!!!

I have been studying da Vinci since 1996. I started with his notebooks. I read all those 1566 items again and again in the past years.

Reading these notes is not an interesting act. Most of the notes of da Vinci are quite boring and with confusions. But they are inspiring.

If you are serious about learning from this super genius, it is a good idea to start with his notes, not from any other books written about him. These are his firsthand information.

As a coach and trainer, my mission is not to teach anyone anything. I just want to do something to induce others' thinking. Through a better thinking, they solve their own problems and create their destinies.

I can't teach anyone thinking. But our genius, da Vinci can. Learn from him and you can also own a genius's mind.

So I decided to distribute da Vinci's note, 1 item a day through email to anyone who want to learn from this genius. I will also add my own ideas in the email as yoru reference. My ideas are not my interpreatation of da Vinci's notes. It is just my thought.

I can't promise I can do it everyday. But I will complete all 1566 items in the coming few years.

If you want this email service, just send a blank email to I will start Notes 1 in August 2005.