Monday, July 25, 2005

Concepts 101: Part 0 - Needs & Wants


In these 2 weeks, I always felt confused. This seldom happens to me. Being a coach, I start coaching myself.

1. What's happening?
2. How did this caused my confusions?
3. How do I know?

Then I am shocked to find out that all the confusions came from my Number 1 Differentiation, which I always preached.

Needs & Wants!!!

I am wanting something that's not my needs! That's the source of all my frustrations and confusions.

My need is simple and I am wanting something much more than my need. I make up my mind immediately. I simply go for my need and forget my unrealistic wants.

I feel peaceful.

Lesson Learned: Realistic "wants" create improvements, unreslistic "wants" produce sufferings.


P.S. Needs = Something you can't live without, e.g. air, water, food, good friends, etc

P.P.S. Wants = Some extras, they can just make your feel "better" if you have them.