Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Regret what you haven't done!


One of my friends passed away yesterday.

I knew that she was in hospital for more than 6 months. I promised to visit her but I never did so. I was too "busy" and I did "not" have the time to see her.

I am really sad hearing her death. But I regret even more. I regret I haven't spent just a few hours to see her. Another friend told me today that she want to see me before her death. But I disappointed her.

I will forgive myself. I can do nothing to change the reality. But I promise myself today that I will do everything that need to be done in the future. I will not allow this kind of regrets happening in my life again.

Lesson Learned: Do what you need to do. Or you are going to regret what you haven't done.