Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Personal Development: Appointment in 2024


Have you ever think of making an appointment with someone twenty years later?

I am not asking you really to do so with someone else, but how about making an appointment with yourself 20 years later?

What can happen in the coming 20 years? How will you become after 20 years?

Just jot down some questions to ask yourself or some of your promises to yourself. Then put them in an envelope. Mark the envelope with the words "2024". Put the envelope in your safe deposit box or wherever. On your birthday in 2024, open the envelope and see whether you can answer all your questions.

If I were you, I will do everything I can in the next 20 years to make sure myself capable of answering all those questions you had written.

Or even better, mail all your questions and promises to a great friend. Make an appointment with him or her on your birthday in 2024. Then let him or her to ask you all your questions. This appointment can be the very exciting, awesome or even romantic!

This might be another way to keep yourself atill alive in the next 20 years!?

Expore, Exceed & Excel

Updated: Aug 16 2008