Friday, July 08, 2005

Link Between Super Calm & Super Achiever

Previously, I had mentioned the paradox between being super-calm and being a super-achiever.

There must a link between the 2, or else you will find a single super-achiever who is also very calm. In reality, there are there are this kind of super-achievers out there.

I personally have several friends who are this kind of achievers.

I studied them carefully and I discovered at least 2 links.

1. All of them have clear goals (or least they know exactly what they want). Having clear goals is the first step of get achievement. Being ambitious but without a clear goals creates lots of stress. So, with clear goals, you can direct your effort to what you want. Decisions become much easier.

2. All of them always find/create more choices for themselves. Without choices, you are forced to do in one single way. Being forced is stressful. Without choices, one can't be too successful as am achiever. You never can see the best option and act accordingly.

Being a calm achiever, having clear goals and more choices are your goal.

There should be some more links. If you have any insight, do share with us.

Keith To