Saturday, January 13, 2007

Personal Development: Refresh, Recharge & Retreat


Today is my first day of Personal Retreat. Every year, I conduct Personal Retreat with some of our classmates.

Why do I do retreat?

We are just too busy! We work, work and work. We lose sights of our directions. We are just thinking of our next step only but do not realise where this "next step" will take us to!

If we can do what 曾子 told us: 吾日三省吾身, it is OK for us not to intentionally look backward and then look forward,. If we can't, we are going to lose our visions and ourselves.

To look forward, we need to look backward first!

To Refresh ourselves, we have to put down the "old" stuff to make us fresh.
To fully Recharge ourselves, we have to discharge first.
To do so, we have to Retreat - withdraw ourselves from our busy lives, to look back and to treat ourselves better again.

If you can't join us today for the Personal Retreat, I really hope that you can do so by yourself.

After your Retreat, you will be Refreshed & Recharged!

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