Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coaching: Intention & Attention


What makes Coaching different from other means of helping people?

Coaching helps others discovering their blindspots of thinking, then they can improve by themselves! Coaching creates low co-dependency!

Then, why we have blindspots?

I'd studied the mechanism of blindspots for years and I have over a dozen of sources of blindspots. I like the Intention & Attention Mechanism most.

When we intend to do or get something, we focus our Attention to it and to what it related to. Then we can miss everything outside our attention. This creates the blindspots!

Real masters and gurus do not have any specific intention and so they do not focus their attention to anything particular. They have less blindspots and see thing with more clarity!

There is a paradox here. If we do not have any Intention, we might end up achieving nothing. But when we intend to get or do something, we generate blindspots, which block our way to achievement!

Let's talk more about this paradox later.

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