Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Facilitation: Willing, Able, Ready, Like, Eager & Commit


Why does someone says he/she wants to do something but he/she does not actually do it? Or why can't you make someone doing something?

Consider this scale of Willing, Able, Ready, Like, Eager & Commit.

If that someone is not willing, able or ready for that something, he/she just can't do it! (Willingness, Ability & Readiness are 3 different, separate things. One can be able and ready but not willing to do something!) These 3's are the basic considerations. These are about Condition. If someone doesn't has these 3's, he/she cannot move.

Then it comes the 2nd part of the scale, Like, Eager & Commit. One will not commit if he/she doesn't like and/or eager to do something. These 3's are about Motivation. If one doesn't has these 3's, he/she will not move!

It is useless to motivate someone or yourself if he/she/you is not yet willing, able and ready. But we are doing so all the time. If you push him/her/yourself, one will either feel being offended (when one is not willing), or one is being "forced" to do that something but fail to do it (when one is not being able or ready). Either case will demotivate him/her/yourself and makes further motivation even more difficult!

Many people come to me telling me that they have a motivation problem. But most of the time, it is not about motivation. That someone is just not being willing, able and/or ready yet! This makes so many efforts in motivating useless or temporary!

There are different tactics for these 6's. Using them appropriately and you will get the result!

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