Monday, January 08, 2007

Personal Development: A Better 2007 for Yourself


I had just read a book. From the book, I learned the story of the invention of Linux, the free open-source operating system.

The inventor found that the existing operating systems cannot satisfy his need in using the floppy drive, so he wrote another OS by himself.

Dissatisfaction can be a greatest source of new ideas and inventions.

If you want a better 2007, you need more good ideas and inventions. I had just written a list of 10 items of dissatisfaction. I will work on them in 2007 to make them satisfactory.

Part of my list includes:
1. I can invest not just in the blue chip stock.
2. I can spend even less time in working.
3. I can build a more interactive website by myself.
4. I can write a better book, a book brings more in-depth insights.
5. I can increase the subscribers of the Excel Your Life Newsletter to 5,000.

May I suggest you doing the same? Write a list of 10 items of dissatisfaction by the end of this week (i.e. the very first week of 2007!) and start to work on them in the rest of the year.

Wish you all have a better and more satisfactory 2007!!!

Happy New Year!

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