Friday, March 17, 2006

Difference Between Radiant & Expansionist Thinking


In Session 1 of the Systemic Thinking Course a few days ago, one participant asked me the different between Radiant Thinking and Expansionist Thinking.

Radiant Thinking is the kind of thinking when we do mind-mapping. Expansionist Thinking is the basic philosophy of Systemic Thinking.

In both types of thinking, we can start from a single central point and then we think "out" from that single point. In Radiant Thinking, you first "see" the relationship between 2 points before you think of the second point.

In Expansionist Thinking, you do not care about the relationship first. You just "expand" your view to include more points. Then you see whether there are relationship amongst these points.

Which one is better? You decide yourself!

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