Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some Learning from Class of NLP Essentials 2006 Module 1


I have just done the NLP Essentials 2006 Program Module 1 yesterday's evening. Just like every other time in all of my trainings I delivered, I learned from our classmates. Here are some inspiring ones I gained in this module:

1. Success is NOT being Happy. Being happy is the result of success.

2. Both adding good stuff and/or removing bad stuff can help.

3. Bad experience can be composed of many, many individual incidences. This makes them so difficult to change. But when you try to name all of the incidences, you just can't tell so many. We sometimes over-estimate our bad experiences!

4. In Chinese, the word "體驗" implies using our 'Body" to "Experiment". That means we must act to learn. But so many of us is not doing "體驗", but just "睇驗". We just want to watch to learn!

5. When you want something, at least ask for it! I don't mean that we should be lazy by doing nothing. But asking is also a kind of doing.