Sunday, March 12, 2006

Personal Development: Using "Help" Command in Life


I wrote the "Using DOS to Help You Think" article a few days ago. Quite some people emailed me for more. Here is my another thought:

We can always ask for help, if we are in need. But we must know how to do so before you get the "right" help.

In DOS, when you type in "HELP" in the command line, it returns with the explanation of ALL the commands. If you do not know where you are, these "Helps" are useless!

When asking for help, know where you are first. Then you can easily selected from the advises of others. People gives you various kinds of advises, some are even contradictory, because they are standing in different "locations" of your problem.

Not what you want, but where you are, are more important when asking and evaluating for advises!