Thursday, March 09, 2006

Using DOS to Help You Think


DOS is the first operating system for PC. It goes back all the way to the 80's. I always think DOS is the best operating system for PC. It is fast as it is nearest to the sourcecode.

Thinking is like computing. You can make use of the DOS commands to help you think. Here are some great "commands" for your mind:

1. DELETE: Erase what is not neccessary.

2. CLS: Clear the screen and start thinking again, if you are too confused.

3. COMP: Compare how others doing it. You always get some insights, no matter others is doing great or bad.

4. COPY: Copy what's working. You can copy from your past or from others. Always COMP before COPY, or you might copy something useless or outdated.

5. HELP: Seek help from others if you are still stuck!