Sunday, March 05, 2006

Creativity: 1,499 New Ideas in 2 Hours


I conducted the first session of the Think-Tank 2006 Program in last Wednesday. My goal is to generate a total of 1,999 ideas in 3 2-Hours sessions this year.

But just in our first session, we produced 1,499 ideas, in 2 hours, by 64 participants. That is 23.4 ideas per person. By the way, they did all that just in 50 minutes. We were doing de-briefing in the the rest of the time. Don't you think that this is a encouraging results!

There are 2 findings in our first session:

1. Treat every idea a seperate idea. This prevents limitation of your thoughts from the previous ideas.

2. We need triggers for new ideas. Ideas are not coming out of nothing.

We are going to have our second session on July 5 2006. If you want to join us, email me at so that I can remind you in June.

Why do I organize these free sessions?

I believe that creativity can only be possible when we actually stretch our creativity muscles!