Friday, September 02, 2005

Business Development: Urgent Meeting?


A research shows that around 70% of the time of an executive is in meetings. Most of them are useless. The remaining 30% of time is for working.

Don't you think that is ridiculous? We use most of our valuable time in unproductive events!

Just ask yourself: what kind of meetings wasting you most time?

My answer is those so-called "Urgent" Meetings.

There is a paradox there. If you can see through this paradox, you save yourself lots of time.

If something is "urgent", then it should not be the right time to meet. Have you seen any fireman has a meeting before rushing to save lives?

If it is really urgent, someone should make the decision and start to do something. Only people without the sense of accountability calls for "Urgent" meetings. They just want to share their burden and blame.

Call no "Urgent" Meeting!

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Updated: Aug 16 2008