Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Birthday US$5 Crazy Sale


Today is my birthday! I know that you might not care about this.

But I want to do something special at my own birthday!

I collected several very informative ebooks which I have resale right.
I will sell these all to you at just US$5! (Less than HK$40)

Here are what you are going to get for your 5 dollars:

1. 1,000 Atkins Diet Recipes. Dr. Atkins is famous for his Low-Carb Diet for weight loss. A recent documentary reviews that it is quite safe to be on Atkins Diet for weight loss for a short period of time (i.e. half year). Many studies show that the effect is much better than similar diets. (You make your own decision to follow the diet or not. Consult your doctor is the best choice before doing so)

2. Atkins Carbohydrates Counter. A great reference. You can calcualate the amount of carbohydrate intake.

3. Atkins Diet Revolution. More detailed information about Dr. Atkins Diet for weight loss.

4. 300 Vegetable Recipes. I like veggies. It can be helpful to your health. Here are over 300 recipes for you to add varieties.

5. Vinegar for Cleaning. You can use vinegar to clean a lot of stain. It is safer than many chemical cleansers.

6. Vinegar for Your Health. Vinegar is an age-old remedy for many situations. Very informative.

7. Secrets of MS Word. MS Word is a very popular software. Nearly everyoneis using it. There are some hidden functions that can make you even more productive. The tiny ebook tells you some!

All just for US$5!

7 ebooks with over 430 pages of valuable information, just for $5!

You are NOT going to pay me
. If you want your ebooks, go to https://give.redcross.org/?hurricanemasthead (American Red Cross) and donate at least US$5 to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the US. Thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands are suffering right now. Don't think that all the people in the US are wealthy. There are lots of poor unfortunate people there, waiting for us to help.

Upon your donation, you will get a email confirmation. Forward that email to me at keithto@keithto.com and I will email you the link to download all these great ebooks!

Do it NOW!

This crazy sale only last for 48 hours. It will end at 6am Sept 8th.

Keith To