Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why Do We Make Bad Judgement?


Why do we make bad judgment? Firstly, we love to judge. We love to judge everything, everyone!

Secondly, we love to judge so much that we make our judgments too soon! We jump to our judgments.

Actually, we really jump "steps" to judgment.

To make a rational (still not always true) judgment, we need to go through steps. Here is my 4-Steps Model on Rational Judgment.

1. Information. Gather as much data and fact as possible.
2. Understanding. Interpret your information. Compare amongst them and with other related information and knowledge.
3. Analysis. Break down your understanding into component parts. Discover their relationship.
4. Judgment. Create argument and verify them with evidences.

The problem is that we seldom to do it all but we love to judge.

What will you do when you want to judge something or someone in the future?