Friday, September 02, 2005

Career Advancement: Experience? Qualification? Knowledge? Skills?


One participant of the BiZuccess System Seminar talked to me this monday.

During the seminar that day, I warned everyone that it is not how much experience, qualification, knowledge or skills you have that makes you advancing in your career. The more you have all these, you just become more expensive to your boss. These are burdens, not assets to you!

The only thing really matters is how many good ideas you can give and how well you can execute them.

That gentleman asked me a question: When I give a good idea to my boss, he will just take it. I can have no credit for it?!

My answer is: If you have just ONE idea, it can be the case. We must be continuously having ideas after ideas to make us valuable to your boss and to your company. Who dares to loss such a great fountain of ideas?

Your years of experience, qualification, knowledge and skills can't help you. Make use of your experience, qualification, knowledge and skills to generate more ideas!

Keith To