Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 Principles of Process Facilitation - Principle 7: Energizing


This is Part 7 of the 12 Principles of Process Facilitation.

Energy exists in any kind of meetings. This is the collective total of the energy levels of all the participants. There are negative and positive energy inside a group. Energy can be physical, mental and psychological. Physcial Energy is about the activation level of the body. Mental Energy is the activation level of the mind. Psychological Energy is the attitude of the participants.

The higher is the total energy level, the greater is the participation. Therefore, we can promote participation by enhancing the energy of the group.

Being a facilitator, we monitor the energy level at all times. Once it fall to a lower than active level, we kick in with rechargers to re-energize the group.

Anything that re-energize can be a recharger. From some simple stretching exercises to telling a joke to taking a break. Have a list of rechargers in mind so that you can use them whenever needed.

However, the most reliable source of energy is the facilitator her/himself. If you remain active all the way, you are radiating your energy to all participants.

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