Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Coaching: Coaching is about Discovery Part 3 - Blindspots


This is Part 3 of this Coaching is about Discovery Series.

What makes a person can't develop? One does not know what he doesn't know?

What makes a person not knowing what he doesn't know? Blindspots!

There are 2 levels of knowing.

When you know something, it is your knowledge. But when you know you know that something, it is your wisdom. People are not wise because they do not know what he already know or don't know!

When you know what you don't know, it is your learning. You can then choose to learn it or not. When you learn something necessary, it leads to improvement. There is limit to improvement because when you had already learned everything you know you don't know, you stuck there. There is no further improvement!

You are reaching "you don't know what you don't know", you are incapable of knowing your incapability. You stuck! This is your blindspot.

What's you don't know limits you. As you do not know what's limiting you, you stuck in your development. Development is an advancement beyond the limitation. The first step is always knowing the limitation, i.e. knowing what you don't know, seeing your blindspots!

Why blindspots?

1. You do not understand your situations. So, you do not know what you don't know in such situation.

2. You are operating with assumptions. You assume something, but you consider your assumptions as facts, though they might now be.

3. You see/think what you get used to see/think. So, you do not see any other possibilities. These possibilities might be what you don't know, but you don't know about their existence.

How can we discover our blindspots?

By understanding our situations, verifying our assumptions and searching for possibilities!

Let's discuss them further in the coming Parts of our series.

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