Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Basic Skills to be a Person of Achievement


How much one can achieve depends on many different factors, talents, attitude, behavior and environment.

Talents are inborn. What you can do can’t be too much. Attitude is something difficult to be identified and changed. Behavior is something you do by chance. It is not a reliable source of achievement. Environment is something you can’t control.

That’s why achievement is never easy!?

There is still one missing element – Capabilities. You can always train yourself to do something, which is useful to you and others. From my observation, below are 5 very basic skills you can learn to become a person of achievement.

1. Information Processing Skill. You can see the norm and outside the norm. You question others and yourself. You remain curious even when you think you are too old to be creative.

2. Perfecting Skill. You can criticize yourself and your works. You can identify your own mistakes. People with such skill seldom blames others.

3. Global Viewing Skill. See the big picture. Concern for others as some of them can affect your future. Might be!

4. Sensing Skill. Being sensitive to others. Plus an acute awareness of complexity and consequence. Those who can see through complexity and those who can see the consequences before they happen, always win.

5. Choosing Skill. Can you step out from your current path and choose to go into another path?

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