Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hypnosis: Development of Hypnosis, from another Point of View


Whenever when we talk about the development of hypnosis, we refer to her history. It is all about sleeping temples in ancient Greece, India and Egypt, Mesmerism of Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, then Dr. Elliotson, Dr. Braid, Coue, Freud, and Dr. Erickson etc.

I do not plan to go through the whole history again as you can find it in many books. I am going to discuss with you from another point of view, the 3 paradigm shifts in the long history of hypnosis.

Some might aware of these shifts, most not.

In the early days, hypnotists help clients by giving suggestions to resolve clients' personal problems. This is the Personal Stage of Hypnosis Development. Provided that the causes of the problem is within the personal spectrum, suggestions can be very adequate.

Then, one of the greatest genius in the psychology field, Freud discovered that clients talking about their unresolved issues in the past, especially during their early childhood. Some of his clients were "cured" afterward. This is the very beginning of the Pre-Personal Stage.

The Pre-Personal Stage was further enhanced by the invention of many new skills decades after Freud. The most significant skill of this stage is Age Regression. This is the "upgraded" version of Freud's technique. But Age Regression is not the only or even the most effective skill of this stage.

Quite many of our fellow hypnotists using only Age Regression find difficulties in resolving clients' problems as Age Regression can only be effective for problems of certain sources. It is like just having one single tool to build a house. That's why I am teaching systems of various skills in our programs. Any skill which cater for the earliest Source of the problem is in this Pre-Personal Stage of Hypnosis.

The Trans-Personal Stage began when smart hypnotists realized that people under trance can be aware of some other information, ideas and memories that are not readily be noticed when awake. They transcend their normal awareness in hypnotic state. This extra information helps them to understand their problems and situation better which leads to possible resolution.

This transcendence in awareness makes Insights Hypnotherapy possible, or the usefulness of hypnosis is restricted to just an effective means of convincing people to unbelieve their old problematic mental programs (Personal Stage), or a powerful way to recall painful memories for re-justification (Pre-Personal Stage).

The ability of mastering skills of these 3 stages governs the effectiveness of a hypnotherapist's intervention.

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