Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Facilitation: Planning for Meeting Success


Facilitation is making things easier and faster. How can we make our meeting easier and faster?

According to research, most of the people considered meetings are a waste of time. This is typically because not much planning is done before the meetings.

Here are my top 5 planning items for a effective meeting:

1. Who should Attend? Only those really concerned and the decision-makers!

2. What is the Objectives? Tell everyone before the meeting what should be accomplished in the meeting.

3. How Long is the Meeting? It depends on the objectives. Decide in advance the length of the meeting and keep everybody well informed.

4. Is All the Materials Ready? Ensure everything needed is there. This saves lots of time.

5. Any Preparation Needed by the Participants? If yes, tell them before the meeting.

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