Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Signs are Everywhere: MTR is "Killing" Hong Kong!?


You can find many people walking on a moving escalator only in 3 cities in the world. They are New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

People are busy, the cities are busy and they are prosperous!

This can be one of the informal indexes of the prosperity of a city!

There is less and less people walking on escalators now in Hong Kong than in the past. Does this tell you something?

BTW, have you noticed that MTR is now discouraging people walking on the escalators. I know that it is about safety.

Safety and risks are always on the oposite sides of a spectrum. In most situations, prosperity and risks are on the same side too.

I am not encouraging risks taking and I am not encouraging walking on the escalators. But this is a emerging fact!